IGLOBAL FINANCIAL SERVICES INC. ranked TOP 10 in the Philippines Growth Champions 2023!

With a compound annual growth rate of 43.9%, iGlobal has been included in the 2023 list compiled by the international market research firm, Statista. This recognition is given to companies that have shown exceptional growth in terms of revenue between 2018 and 2021.

*The Philippines’ Growth Champions 2023 is a list of the Top 25 companies in the Philippines that have achieved the highest percentage growth in revenues between 2018 and 2021. 

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We have positioned iGlobal to become a niche player in the financial services industry in the Philippines. This milestone showcases our ability to create value and drive growth in the local economy.

Being included in the list of High Growth Companies in the Philippines is no easy feat and is a testament to the company's focused execution anchored on its core values – INITIATIVE and GRIT

We extend our gratitude to our community of educators, connectors, clients and funders for their contribution in enabling us to achieve this milestone. We remain committed to our purpose of unlocking more opportunities for entrepreneurs so they can achieve their full potential.

Looking forward to the journey ahead!


iGlobal works closely with its clients to help them manage resources, create new milestones, and ultimately, unlock opportunities for growth. 

Therefore, the success of iGlobal lies upon the successful achievement of client goals. In the past couple of years, we are proud to say that the iGlobal Financial Stack has given clients access to more efficient funding options and better financing terms which allowed them to streamline operations, improve margins, and expand confidently.