Frequently Asked Questions

01. I am an entrepreneur outside Metro Manila. Am I qualified?

Yes, for sure! Here at iGlobal, we welcome growth-oriented entrepreneurs who want to achieve their full potential.

02. In your sustainability roadmap, when should i consider my business in "take-off" or "resource maturity" stage?

In the take off stage, your business experiences the key problems on how to grow rapidly and how to finance that growth. The most important questions, then, are in the following areas: delegation and cash.

When your business is in resource maturity stage, your greatest concerns are, first, to consolidate and control the financial gains brought on by rapid growth and, second, to retain the advantages of flexibility of response and the entrepreneurial spirit.

Within these segments of business growth, we facilitate financial services and solutions to common dilemmas.

03. I consider my business a novelty. How can you apply the financial stack to my UNIQUE business needs?

Easy. Our portfolio has distinct offerings for all types of industries from a wide variety of partners willing to help you.

04. There are several consultants and agencies offering financing. Why iGlobal?

Our mission is the relentless pursuit of client satisfaction and growth. Coupled with an affordable, predictable pricing model, we are able to deliver an unparalleled offering to entrepreneurs.

05. Ok, I'm in, where should I start?

Great! It's hassle free. Feel free to email us at connect@iglobal.ph or simply fill in your details here and we will gladly reach you!

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